Fort Lauderdale Kiteboarding Lessons

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East Coast Kiteboarding School is the premiere kiteboarding center in Florida. If you’re brand new to the sport
we offer comprehensive kiteboarding lessons that will get you up and riding quickly and safely.

If you’re an intermediate rider, East Coast Kiteboarding can help take your riding to the next level, whether it’s
riding overpowered, adding hang time to your jumps, or wave riding with style. Our instructors have the
experience to build your skills and help you reveal your true potential.

ECK instructors give lessons at select beaches in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, including
Biscayne Bay, Crandon Park, North Miami Beach, Hollywood Beach, Dania Beach, Ft. Lauderdale,
Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, and Boca Raton
. For more detailed information on places
to ride in Florida and where we give lessons give us a call.

Why book with East Coast Kiteboarding School?

  1. Our instructors are without question the most experienced kiteboarders in Florida. Check out our team
    page for more info on your next instructor.
  2. Experience means nothing if the instructor can’t communicate with the student. We take extra care insuring
    our students fully understand the lesson being presented. Kiteboarding can be a challenging sport to learn.
    Our instructors are patient, good-natured and strive to make sure your learning experience is productive, safe
    and fun!
  3. Florida is one of the best places in the world to learn to kiteboard. From wide sandy beaches to endless
    knee high flats, Florida offers conditions perfect for learning this exciting new sport. Did we mention our
    perfect warm weather?
  4. We use new, top of the line kites and boards from North Kiteboarding. Learning on quality gear is one of
    the best ways to accelerate the learning curve. Already own your own gear? We’ll show you how to use it
    safely and how to keep your kite and board tuned for top performance.

If you’re brand new to kite boarding, take the time to check out our site. The FAQs and articles pages have
tons of information on kite boarding gear, local Florida conditions, and costs associated with the sport.

Some of our best advertising comes from our former students. Check out the testimonial page to hear from
people who’ve tried the rest and ended up with the best!

Ready to buy gear? We’ve got you covered. Our partnership with allows us to get you hooked
up with the best gear at the lowest possible price.

Learning to kite on your own can be a frustrating, dangerous, and expensive experience. Taking a
kiteboarding lesson with a qualified instructor will get you on the water faster and keep you and those around
you safe!