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    Beginner Kiteboarding Lessons

    Flat water, warm weather and steady wind make Miami a great place to learn. Book your next kitesurfing vacation with East Coast Kiteboarding!

  • Advanced Kiteboarding Lessons

    Take your riding to the next level. Sign up for our advanced kiteboarding lessons today!

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    Tired of Walking Up The Beach?

    At East Coast Kiteboarding we make it easy to learn to kiteboard. Call or email us today and schedule your kiteboarding lesson or camp.

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10 Kiteboarding Safety Checks

Pump Make sure your kiteboarding pump is in working order and well greased before the season starts. There is nothing worse than having to pump up a kite with a pump that feels like it’s full of sand. Also check …

folding a kite

How to pack up your kiteboarding kite

We decided to write a “how to article” after watching so many people trying to stuff sand covered, half inflated kites into tiny kite bags. After several frustrating minutes, the kite is unceremoniously stuffed back into the bag ending up …

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Spring Kiteboarding Season

Spring is a great time of year to learn how to kiteboard. Great wind and warm waters make the Spring season a blast! Book your next kiteboarding vacation in Sunny South Florida and learn to kite with the pros. Call …