folding a kite

How to pack up your kiteboarding kite

We decided to write a “how to article” after watching so many people trying to stuff sand covered, half inflated kites into tiny kite bags. After several frustrating minutes, the kite is unceremoniously stuffed back into the bag ending up looking like a big overstuffed rip-stop burrito.

The key is to get all the air out of the kite and fold it up tight.

  1. Begin by deflating your leading edge, next deflate the struts. If your struts have deflation stems be sure to
    remove them before folding.
  2. Take care not to allow sand inside the bladder valves.
  3. Start at one wing tip, holding the batten.
  4. Create a flat fold about a foot long making sure the batten is at the front of the leading edge.
  5. If you don’t keep the batten even with the leading edge – it won’t fit in the bag when you make the final fold.
  6. DO NOT ROLL… Rolling your kite can cause the leading edge bladder inside to twist and eventually
    explode. Fold it into flat panels. You’re folding a kite not making a Cuban cigar.
  7. Fold one side of the kite toward the center valves. Go slow and get all the air out.
  8. Now move to the other wingtip and repeat the process until both sides meet.
  9. Finish by folding the kite on top of itself then folding in half at the center.

If you did everything right the kite should slide into the kite bag. You’re done. Remember, stowing your kite properly will extend the life of your kite and lead to fewer inflation issues. Now get out there and kite!

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