Kiteboarding Downwinders

Wear out your legs kiteboarding, not walking up the beach! Organized downwinders give you the ability to ride
and practice riding upwind, jumping, and wave riding without worrying about where you end up.


You’re getting up on the kiteboard but you’re still doing the walk of shame? Our half-day downwind runs will
maximize your time on the water without the hassle of walking back up the beach. Downwinders are a great
way for you to practice riding upwind, transitions, jumping, or wave riding with personal instruction on the
water. Furthermore, you’ll meet other kiteboarders at your same skill level and begin to explore other areas
along the Florida coastline.

Downwinder locations include:

  • Miami to Ft Lauderdale
  • Ft Lauderdale to Miami
  • Crandon Park to Stilltsville


This is a 5-mile supervised downwinder with a maximum instructor to student ratio of 3:1. Our instructors will
follow you downwind feeding you tips on board and kite control along the way. At the end of the downwinder,
we will have refreshments and a question and answers session before we transport you back to your

What if something breaks along the way?

Our instructors are prepared for any mishaps. Whether it be broken lines or deflated bladders your instructor
will have the means necessary to teach you how to repair your rig on the beach.

Minimum Requirements:

You must be proficient in the skills taught in ECK levels 1, 2, and 3 and need to be able to ride in both
directions, however you do not need to be able to stay upwind.

Duration: Half-day

Supervised Kiteboarding Downwinders- $150 per person