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East Coast Kiteboarding School is the BEST! Being a girl I though it would be really hard to learn the basics of kiteboarding and try to hang with the boys. Damien is an awesome instructor and really made me feel comfortable and safe while learning and practicing the basics. I have definitely been bit by the kiteboarding bug and can’t wait to start tearing it up! Many thanks to Damien and East Coast Kiteboarding School!

Adrienne Bolten
North Miami, FL

Getting instruction in kiteboarding is essential to being safe on the beach and in the water. Damien of East Coast Kiteboarding showed me how it’s done and gave me the foundation that I needed to keep going on my own. Now I’m hooked and on the beach whenever the wind blows. Life is good. Thanks ECK.

Robert Fernandez
Hollywood Florida

After windsurfing for more than ten years, I knew the safety risks of kiteboarding, and importance of finding a good instructor. Damien is one of the best water sports instructors I have come across. He is patient, thorough, and safety oriented. His six-hour Rip Upwind Package was perfect. I gained a solid foundation for controlling the kite, getting up on the board, and most important, being a safe rider, both for myself and for others.

Kevin Purvis
Hollywood, FL

East Coast Kiteboarding wasted no time breaking down my level of kiteboarding experience and customizing two great days of lessons that were suitable to my level. ECK knows the area extremely well and is willing to travel to get you to the right spot to learn. ECK is an extremely patient and fun group to learn from. One thing that really stood out to me was that most of the guys who were kitesurfing the day I was learning had all learned from ECK, and they all ripped! I will always go with ECK when I go down to Southern Florida.

Simon W. Frank
Rowayton, Connecticut

Last weekend I started to get on the board and have some fun. I have talked to several beginners like me who have taken 6 hour kiteboarding lessons at some other schools. The more I talked to them the more I realized that I have much more knowledge on safety and techniques than what they have. One thing I appreciated from Damien is the focus on Safety. I could not believe that most of these guys did not know the basic and vital kiteboarding rules to stay safe and be able to enjoy this great sport. Some of them even ask me for the contact information for Damien’s school. I just feel lucky I learned with East Coast Kiteboarding School.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
You are the best. Thank you.

The team at East Coast Kiteboarding is fantastic. I’ve visited schools around California and as far away as Bali,Indonesia, and the professionalism, thoroughness and competency I experienced with East Coast Kiteboarding was far superior. The instructor’s years of experience meant that the learning curve was shorter, without sacrificing any of the important safety preparations or fundamentals. Within one kiteboarding lesson I was up and riding and thoroughly stoked.

Ron Hirson
San Francisco, California

I signed up with Damien for the 6 hour package after having previous lessons in Australia and was still very much at the beginner stage. Damien’s technique, professionalism and attitude towards the sport, and to his instruction, is excellent. Not only did he instill confidence and a feeling of security with his knowledge of the sport – he produced results. With other companies and individuals, the time you pay for usually starts as you unpack your gear and start setting it up, leaving you half the time for the all important water and wind time. With Damien (and East Coast Kiteboarding) if you pay for 1 hour or 6 hours – you are getting every minute’s worth of instruction and time on the water (Damien has sat on the beach with me for 3 hours waiting for wind and not charged me a cent!).I highly recommend Damien and East Coast Kiteboarding to anyone considering taking up the sport or individuals who already kiteboard and want to advance – he will make you a safer, more confident and skilled kiteboarder.
Thanks Damien – YOU ROCK.

Greg Bryant
Ft Lauderdale, Florida

I would recommend East Coast Kiteboarding’s instructors to anyone interested in learning to kiteboard the right and safe way. Before taking my lesson, I was very intimated by the power and danger kiting could pose. After just one day with Damian, I left with a tremendous amount of knowledge and kiting confidence that I will carry forward with this sport. I’m totally psyched to continue Kiteboarding, and feel this lesson was one of the most worthwhile investments I’ve done. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Tim from Massachusetts

What makes Damien a great instructor is his focus on safety. Whenever I was getting a lesson with him I felt very much in control and knew how to protect myself. Aside from that, he was able to get me Standing and Planing after only 6 HOURS !!!!

Felix Granados
Delray Beach, Florida

“Damien is an accomplished Kitesurfer, and runs an excellent kitesurfing school. Damien is very personable. He instills confidence to the student, is thorough, and has keen insight for each individuals needs. He provides all of the equipment and knowledge needed, and uses the most beautiful beach for instruction. Topics such as Safety, Equipment, Wind, Weather and Surf conditions, Locations to Kitesurf etc. were all very well covered. At first I was concerned that the sport might be out of my league. But Damien’s instructional technique is both informative and confidence building. He has a knack for catering to the specific needs of his students. Damien can tell what a person specifically needs to get Kitesurfing – I just followed his recommendations, and I was in the water starting to get up onto the board within four or five lessons! His instructional technique and enthusiasm instills one with the confidence necessary to get solo kitesurfing FAST and safely. Damien continues to be an outstanding instructor and resource to me and his students. He recommended and explained the various equipment (Kites, Control Bars, Harnesses, Boards used in the sport, etc.) so that I could make an educated decision on a kite purchase. Thanks to Damien, I am now Kiteboarding on my own with the equipment that best suits me. Now my gal and other friends want to learn Kitesurfing with Damien.”

William Wood –
Deerfield Beach, Florida

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