Miami Kiteboarding Lessons

East Coast Kiteboarding is now offering Kiteboarding lessons and camps in Miami, Florida. With 10 certified instructors, new cabrinna gear, and private flat water locations, East Coast Kiteboarding is the right choice for your next kiteboarding lesson.

All kiteboarding lessons are taught on wide sandy Miami beaches with full sized 4-line inflatable Cabrinna kites. Kitesurfing Lessons include gear, wet suits, on-the-water radio communication and an East Coast Kite boarding safety information handout. Kiteboarding instruction ranges from beginner to advanced. Lessons run year-round. Reduced rates are available for group kitesurfing lessons; call ###-###-#### or e-mail for information and reservations.

Why book with East Coast Kiteboarding School?

  1. Our instructors are without question the most experienced kiteboarders in Florida. Check out our team page for more info on your next instructor.
  2. Experience means nothing if the instructor can’t communicate with the student. We take extra care insuring our students fully understand the lesson being presented. Kiteboarding can be a challenging sport to learn. Our instructors are patient, good-natured and strive to make sure your learning experience is productive, safe and fun!
  3. Florida is one of the best places in the world to learn to kiteboard. From wide sandy beaches to endless knee high flats, Florida offers conditions perfect for learning this exciting new sport. Did we mention our perfect warm weather?
  4. We use new, top of the line kites and boards from North Kiteboarding. Learning on quality gear is one of the best ways to accelerate the learning curve. Already own your own gear? We’ll show you how to use it safely and how to keep your kite and board tuned for top performance.

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